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#ifndef __SCREENSING_H__
#define __SCREENSING_H__

#include "../config.h"

#include <screen.h>
#include <pitch_graph.h>
#include <theme.h>
#include <video.h>
#include <lyrics.h>

class CScreenSing : public CScreen {
      CScreenSing( char * name );
      void enter(void);
      void exit(void);
      void manageEvent( SDL_Event event );
      void draw(void);
      SDL_Surface * videoSurf;
      SDL_Surface * backgroundSurf;
      unsigned int backgroundSurf_id;
        unsigned int theme_id;
        unsigned int pitchGraph_id;
        // Keeps the pitch tracking graphics
      // in separate surface
      PitchGraph pitchGraph;
      std::vector <TNote *> sentence;
        bool play;
      bool finished;
      int playOffset;
      int previousFirstTimestamp;
      CVideo * video;
        CThemeSing *theme;
      CLyrics * lyrics;


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