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CAudio Class Reference

#include <audio.h>

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Detailed Description

Audio playback class. This class enables the audio playback using several audio APIs (Xine or GStreamer)

Definition at line 16 of file audio.h.

Public Member Functions

 CAudio ()
double getLength ()
double getPosition ()
unsigned int getVolume ()
bool isPaused ()
bool isPlaying ()
void operator() ()
void playMusic (std::string const &filename)
void playPreview (std::string const &filename)
void seek (double seek_dist)
void setVolume (unsigned int volume)
void stopMusic ()
void togglePause ()
void wait ()
 ~CAudio ()

Private Types

enum  Type {

Private Member Functions

double getLength_internal ()
double getPosition_internal ()
unsigned int getVolume_internal ()
bool isPaused_internal ()
bool isPlaying_internal ()
void playMusic_internal (std::string const &filename)
void playPreview_internal (std::string const &filename)
void seek_internal (double seek_dist)
void setVolume_internal (unsigned int _volume)
void stopMusic_internal ()
void togglePause_internal ()

Private Attributes

unsigned int audioVolume
int length
boost::condition m_cond
boost::condition m_condready
std::string m_filename
boost::mutex m_mutex
bool m_ready
boost::scoped_ptr< boost::thread > m_thread
enum CAudio::Type m_type

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