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Lyrics Class Reference

#include <lyrics.h>

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Detailed Description

Song lyrics class. Stores the lyrics, and finds out when they should be sung

Definition at line 12 of file lyrics.h.

Public Member Functions

Note * getCurrentNote ()
std::vector< Note > getCurrentSentence ()
std::string getSentenceFuture ()
std::string getSentenceNext ()
std::string getSentenceNow ()
std::string getSentencePast ()
std::string getSentenceWhole ()
 Lyrics (std::vector< Note > const &lyrics)
void updateSentences (double timestamp)

Private Member Functions

double getEndTime (int sentence)
double getStartTime (int sentence)

Private Attributes

std::vector< std::vector< Note > > m_formatted
std::string m_future
int m_lastSentenceIdx
int m_lastSyllableIdx
std::vector< Note > m_lyrics
std::string m_next
std::string m_now
std::string m_past

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