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#ifndef __SONGS_H__
#define __SONGS_H__

#include "../config.h"
#include <boost/noncopyable.hpp>
#include <boost/ptr_container/ptr_set.hpp>
#include <boost/scoped_ptr.hpp>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

class MusicalScale {
      double m_baseFreq;
      static const int m_baseId = 33;
      MusicalScale(double baseFreq = 440.0): m_baseFreq(baseFreq) {}
      std::string getNoteStr(double freq) const;
      unsigned int getNoteNum(int id) const;
      bool isSharp(int id) const;
      double getNoteFreq(int id) const;
      int getNoteId(double freq) const;
      double getNote(double freq) const;
      double getNoteOffset(double freq) const;

struct Note {
      double begin, end;
      enum Type { FREESTYLE = 'F', NORMAL = ':', GOLDEN = '*', SLEEP = '-'} type;
      int note;
      std::string syllable;
      double diff(double n) const;
      double maxScore() const;
      double score(double freq, double b, double e) const;
      double scoreMultiplier(double error) const;

class SongParser;

class Song: boost::noncopyable {
      friend class SongParser;
      Song(std::string const& path, std::string const& filename);
      ~Song() {
      // Temporary score calculation system
      void reset();
      void update(double time, double freq);
      int getScore() const { return 10000 * m_score; }
      bool parseField(std::string const& line);
      std::string str() const { return title + " by " + artist; }
      SDL_Surface* getCover() { loadCover(); return m_coverSurf; }
      SDL_Surface* getBackground() { loadBackground(); return m_backgroundSurf; }
      void loadBackground();
      void loadCover();
      void unloadBackground();
      void unloadCover();
      typedef std::vector<Note> notes_t;
      notes_t notes;
      int noteMin, noteMax;
      std::string path;
      std::string filename;
      std::vector<std::string> category;
      std::string genre;
      std::string edition;
      std::string title;
      std::string artist;
      std::string text;
      std::string creator;
      std::string mp3;
      std::string cover;
      std::string background;
      std::string video;
      double videoGap;
      double start;
      MusicalScale scale;
      SDL_Surface* m_coverSurf;
      SDL_Surface* m_backgroundSurf;
      double m_scoreFactor; // Normalization factor for the scoring system
      // Temporary score calculation system
      double m_score;
      double m_scoreTime;
      notes_t::const_iterator m_scoreIt;

bool operator<(Song const& l, Song const& r);

class Songs {
      std::set<std::string> m_songdirs;
      Songs(std::set<std::string> const& songdirs);
      void reload();
      Song& operator[](std::vector<Song*>::size_type pos) { return *m_filtered[pos]; }
      int size() const { return m_filtered.size(); };
      int empty() const { return m_filtered.empty(); };
      void advance(int diff) {
            m_current = (m_current + diff) % int(m_filtered.size());
            if (m_current < 0) m_current += m_filtered.size();
      int currentId() const { return m_current; }
      Song& current() { return *m_filtered[m_current]; }
      Song const& current() const { return *m_filtered[m_current]; }
      void setFilter(std::string const& regex);
      std::string sortDesc() const;
      void random();
      void sortChange(int diff);
      void parseFile(Song& tmp);
      SDL_Surface* getEmptyCover() { return surface_nocover; }
      class RestoreSel;
      typedef boost::ptr_set<Song> songlist_t;
      songlist_t m_songs;
      typedef std::vector<Song*> filtered_t;
      filtered_t m_filtered;
      int m_current;
      int m_order;
      SDL_Surface* surface_nocover;
      void sort_internal();


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